Maintenance Manual Table of Contents


Interior Deck Patio Grounds Doors Courtyard Locks and doors

Plants by the House Windows Plants Sprinklers by the Windows Water Meter Water Softener Exterior Light Bulbs Toilets Front Light Fixture Sinks Outdoor Light Bulbs Showers PAGES 2-4 Clothes Washer Hoses Clothes Washer Overflow Clothes Dryer Solar System Floor Register Heat Register Fireplace Operation Termites & Dryrot HOMEOWNER’S MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES CHECKLISTS Monthly Maintenance Biannual Maintenance Annual Maintenance – April Annual Maintenance – October PAGE 5 IMPORTANT LOCATIONS Water Shutoff Circuit Breaker Solar Pump UPGRADES TO CONSIDER Toilet tank Bolt Dishwahser Hose Upgrade Kitchen Smoke Detector PRODUCTS Tile Sealers Paints HELPFUL HINTS Gas Shutoff Ladder Smoke Detectors Insulation Upgrade Surge Protection PAGE 6 PAGE 7 PAGE 8 PAGE 9 – 10 HOA MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES HOA GENERAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAM 1. PAGE 11 PAGE 12