What does a flashing green or flashing red light at the WCP sewer pump station mean?

The WCP sump reservoir has two pumps, a primary and a backup.  The sewer pump control box is situated at the north of the complex, directly across the street from unit 942.

The primary pump goes on when sewage reaches ~2.5′ in the sump.  The secondary goes on when it reaches ~4.5′.  A green flashing light means the primary pump has failed and the secondary pump is working.  A red flashing light means that neither pump is working and the level in the sump is above 5′. The sump is ~15′ deep;  when it overflows it shows up as water coming out the sewer manhole in the middle of the street.  It can hold a LOT of sewage, but it’s not good to test it out, and it is a violation to put untreated sewage into the storm drain system (where it eventually goes).

In March 2017, residents noticed a glitch after a scheduled power outage: the green light remained flashing even after power had been restored, the sewage level was below 2.5′, and everything was functioning normally.  It appears that the green light has to be reset by hand.

If the lights are flashing (and it isn’t due to the glitch just mentioned), call Gary Fuller at (805) 637-5559.

Gary is a general electrical and plumbing contractor, who has helped out at WCP for many years.  (For example, as of March 2017, he is contracted to read our water meters.)  If Gary encounters any sump issues he can’t handle, he calls up a Ventura-based company (Oil Fields ?) that charges a pretty penny ($150/hr from point of departure) but has been able to resolve any problem Gary has ever encountered.