Where can I properly dispose of green waste?

Green waste consists of Grass, Leaves, Ivy, Flowers, Yard trimmings, Small branches

Green waste does NOT include Palm fronds, Succulents, Food, Animal waste, Plastic bags, Dirt or Rocks

For WCP Neighbors, the HOA currently provides three green waste containers; one in the 900s (at 909), one in the 920s (at 925), and one in the 940s (at 945).  See map below.

Enviroscaping, our new landscape maintenance company, has offered to remove green waste that homeowners leave by their front entrance free of charge, with the understanding that the removal will only take place on Mondays and Fridays.  Please experiment with this arrangement for the next few months so that we can determine whether it can meet our needs in lieu of the green waste containers, enabling a cost savings for the community. (14 June 2017)