Pool Regulations

Pool keys and pool key paddles

  1. Each unit shall be issued at Association cost one pool key that is marked “do not duplicate” attached to a distinctive yellow and blue paddle marked “WCP”.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, each unit will have only one pool key assemblage.
  3. Owners must use the pool key/paddle assemblage for entering and exiting the pool.
  4. Owners shall not lend or give away the pool key/paddle assemblage to non‐residents.
  5. Owners must report lost or stolen key assemblages to the management company and the Owners will pay for a replacement of the key and paddle assemblage.
  6. Owners must return the pool key assemblage to the Association when they move from WCP.
  7. If Owners provide the pool key assemblage to their renters, they shall make their renters aware of the pool regulations when they lease their unit and specify that the renters are subject to them along with all other rules and regulations of WCP.

Pool and Hot tub Use

  1. Only WCP residents and their guests may use the pool. No trespassers.
  2. Users must use the pool key / paddle assemblage to enter and exit the pool.  The key assemblage identifies the user as a resident.
  3. Children under 12 may *not* use the pool or hot tub without adult supervision.
  4. Pool and hot tub hours are between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  5. Trespassers and those using the pool and hot tub outside those hours are subject to the police being called.
  6. Owners are responsible for their family, children, guests, and invitees at the pool (and all other areas of WCP per the CC&Rs).
  7. No glass in the pool complex.
  8. No smoking in the pool complex.
  9. No pets in the pool complex.

Approved by the WCP board 4/20/15