Landscape at West Campus Point

Common Area Landscaping (Bonus: page of 10 photos of landscaping from 1988)

  • Landscaping of the common areas at West Campus Point is paid for by HOA dues. The HOA hires contractors to take care of mowing, hedge and tree trimming, maintaining the irrigation system, and keeping the common property clean and groomed.
  • WCP landscaping (everything except tree trimming) is currently being handled by Enviroscaping, Inc. under the direction of Phil Mora.  Tree maintenance is being handled by Beaver Tree Company, under the direction of Autumn Fish.
  • Landscaping work is prioritized by the HOA. If your unit needs the landscapers’ attention, please alert WCP property manager, Sandie Foehl, by calling (805) 968-3435 or sending e-mail to  Please do not ask the individual landscapers to do personal tasks around your unit.  Understand that they must report to their supervisor, and their supervisor reports to the HOA.
  • Homeowners are restricted by the CC&Rs from planting in the common area and placing or storing items on the common area. These items are subject to removal.
  • The WCP landscape committee is chaired by Dorothy Gonzalez. Homeowners are welcome to join members of the landscape committee on monthly landscape walk-arounds with landscape company representatives.  All are welcome to come on the walk, but please understand that the landscape committee and the landscape company set the priorities for the walks.
  • Enviroscaping finished thoroughly repairing our irrigation system in May 2017, making it fully functional for the first time in years. In the process they produced a complete mapping of the system (20170613-IrrigationMaps).
  • Although it is now fully functional, our irrigation system is not new. Broken valves and controllers have been replaced, but older, working ones will be used until they fail. If at any time you observe a major irrigation leak (e.g., water sprouting high in air), please:

Call Enviroscaping at either 805-455-8405 (Phil) or 805-886-9107 (Joe) and report the address nearest the location of leak.

Turn off the main line to that location. There are two shut off valves, one along the northern wall of 901, serving common areas in the southern half of the complex, and one along the northern wall of 947, serving common areas in the northern half.

Send an email documenting the leak to Enviroscaping ( and the property manager (

Homeowner-Permitted Plantings and Planting Regulations

  • Homeowners are permitted to plant in two (and only two) areas: the fireplace strip and the carport strip.
  • Homeowners are restricted by the CC&Rs from planting in the common area. Even if an area is directly adjacent to your unit, do NOT plant trees, bushes, or ground cover in the common area or place pots, furniture, or any other item on the common area. These are subject to removal.
  • Homeowners may opt to maintain their carport and/or fireplace strips, but must inform our manager, Sandie Foehl, who will record your decision and convey it to the landscape crew. On site, your decision will be recorded on the end carport pillar with a stenciled C (for carport) and F (for fireplace). The landscapers will then know that they are NOT responsible for maintaining the area(s), with the exception of irrigation. This means you are responsible for the plants: weeding, pruning, dead plant removal, and disposal.
  • Homeowners may not plant, trees, climbing vines (except in the carport strip), or invasive plants of any kind. Carport vines must be kept trimmed, so they look neat, do not climb on the stucco, and do not harbor pests.