How does the HOA communicate with homeowners?

There are a variety of communication mechanisms:

  1. HOA Board Meetings that occur roughly monthly, and which, by the Bylaws, are announced at least 4 days in advance.  The agenda for meetings is distributed by e-mail (see below) and posted in the mailbox kiosks. Homeowners are welcome to attend but the meeting is structured with restricted time intervals for comment and discussion. Minutes of the meetings are distributed by primary e-mail listserv.
  2. The primary e-mail listserv, which only the HOA president and the property management company may use to send messages. The primary e-mail listserv is for business including meeting announcements, minutes, billing, alerts, and periodic newsletters. Visit to verify that you are on this listserv; you may not opt out of the primary e-mail listserv, and it is important that accurate e-mail addresses for owners are there. If there are any problems, please contact the list manager Harold Marcuse,
  3. The quarterly newsletter, distributed via the primary e-mail listserv, which has information of interest to homeowners, such as the schedule of upcoming maintenance projects at WCP, and maintenance tips for WCP homeowners.
  4. A secondary listserv, the WCP community list, which is available for all members to initiate and/or participate in email discussions, such as requests for recommendations for plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc., and for notices concerning use of the pool area, Palm Plaza, or other parts of the Common Area for social events. The secondary listserv is also managed from; you may opt out of the secondary listserv.