Parking Regulations
  • Each unit has a carport and a garage for their vehicles.
  • Homeowners are requested to park at their own unit rather than in our limited visitor parking.
  • No parking is allowed in the auto court. Please instruct your visitors or vendors (workmen of various kinds) to park in visitor parking.
  • No parking is allowed on the perimeter road.
  • No parking is allowed in a marked handicap parking space without an official placard displayed in the vehicle.
  • Do not abandon a vehicle in visitor parking.
  • Do not use the visitor spaces for long term parking. If you go away on sabbatical and rent your unit, leaving the garage and carport for your renters, please park your vehicle off-site.  (UCSB parking provides secure long-term parking on the top of Parking Structure 22 at the corner of El Colegio and Stadium Road.  Contact TPS for permits.)