Landscape at West Campus Point

Common Area Landscaping (Bonus: page of 10 photos of landscaping from 1988)

  • Landscape of the common area at West Campus Point is maintained by the HOA and paid for by HOA dues. The landscape companies are responsible for mowing, hedge and tree trimming, the irrigation system, and keeping the common property well maintained.
  • The landscape companies have their work prioritized by the HOA. Please do not speak to the landscapers, asking them to do personal tasks around your unit. Workmen report to their supervisor, their supervisor reports to the HOA.
  • Homeowners are restricted by the CC&Rs from planting in the common area or placing or storing items on the common area. These items are subject to removal.
  • There are regular landscape walk arounds with both landscape companies, MGM Landscaping (everything except hedge and tree trimming) and Tierra Verde (hedge and tree maintenance). The day/time of landscape walks are given in the monthly WCP Newsletter. All are welcome to come on the walk, but the Landscape Maintenance Committee and the landscape company set the priorities for the walks.
  • Please alert our property manager Dave Russo if there are problems with the irrigation system around your unit.

Homeowner-Permitted Plantings and Planting Regulations

  • The default maintenance of the fireplace and carport strips is the HOA. Homeowners are, however, permitted to plant in two (and only two) areas, the fireplace strip and the carport strip.
  • Homeowners are restricted by the CC&Rs from planting in the common area. Even if an area is directly adjacent to your unit, do NOT plant trees, bushes, or ground cover in the common area or place pots, furniture, or any other item on the common area. These are subject to removal.
  • Homeowners may opt to maintain their carport and/or fireplace strips, but must inform our manager, Dave Russo.<> He will record your decision(s). On site, your decision will be recorded on the end carport pillar with a stenciled C (for carport) and F (for fireplace). The landscapers will then know that they are NOT responsible for maintaining the area(s), with the exception of irrigation. This means you are responsible for the plants: weeding, pruning, dead plant removal, and disposal.
  • Homeowners may not plant, trees, climbing vines (except in carport strip), or invasive plants of any kind. Carport vines must be kept trimmed, so they look neat, do not climb on the stucco, and do not harbor pests.

(West Campus Point Landscaping News, April 2002)