How is the monthly bill I receive from the HOA calculated?

All homeowners pay a flat monthly fee to the HOA, which is set by the HOA board when it approves the annual budget.  The fee covers the cost of property management and maintenance, as well as scheduled repayments on the leak remediation loan, which increases by 5% each year until paid off.

Each homeowner’s monthly bill also includes water-related charges.  There is a charge for the unit’s potable water use, which fluctuates due to variations in homeowner use and the interval between meter readings. There is also a meter fee, to cover the cost of reading/replacing the meters, and a sewer fee for disposal of that unit’s waste water.  Finally, each unit is charged for its share of the recycled (non-potable) water used for irrigation. The recycled water bill comes as a lump sum, which is divided by 65, the number of units at West Campus Point, and charged to each unit.