May anyone attend HOA board meetings?

Homeowners are entitled (and welcome) to attend regular board meetings, which are typically held once a month, at a time, place and agenda announced to the community at least four days in advance.  The agenda for every regular board meeting begins with a “homeowner’s forum” during which homeowners are welcome to speak and bring issues to the board’s attention. If an issue is not already on the agenda for the meeting in which it is raised, its discussion will be deferred to a future meeting.

Homeowners are entitled, and especially encouraged, to attend the Annual HOA Meeting, which requires a quorum of homeowners to do business.  Homeowners who are unable to attend may fill out a proxy form, to help ensure that a quorum is obtained.  The Annual Meeting agenda includes reports from standing committees and ad hoc committees, as well as the election of Board members to one-year terms.